1 1/2 Yr Old Pregnant Female Has An Odor From Time To Time?

Its been about 2 months since we found her on our back doorstep, and a month thatcher belly has been growing. The smell is not a constant smell, but when it does it smells like old hamburger. Comes and goes like flatulence does. She is in no discomfort, eating/drinking, bathrooming normal and very happy snuggling in laps of us human companions. However 2-3 nights ago she had a mucousy strand of stuff under her tail that wiped off easily. Nothing has happened yet…I am wondering if the oder has any relation or indication of labor or pregnancy, or its just bad kitty gas. Any suggestions???
PS: It is the weekend, and in my town and surrounding areas are closed until Monday. I also imagine any vet checkup or pregnancy related procedures is going to be quite costly. So if you must suggest a vet, a discounted/low income vet program would be greatly appreciated.

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2 Responses to “1 1/2 Yr Old Pregnant Female Has An Odor From Time To Time?”

  1. ♥Think'n'Pink♥ Has Twins says:

    Wrong section. You wants the section that deals with pets.
    ETA – also how is anyone suppose to suggest a low income vet when we have no idea where it is you live

  2. Karin says:

    At first you were talking about a human baby being pregnant.
    Yes, wrong section.

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