1.99 Mcdonalds Voucher Age Restriction?

On my 1.99 mcdonalds voucher it says “Must be 16 years or over to redeem” why is this because that means I can’t claim it as I’m “under age” its just food :p

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4 Responses to “1.99 Mcdonalds Voucher Age Restriction?”

  1. Lisa says:

    That is odd. Usually you have to be a certain age to win money or accept a prize offer. I’ve never heard about it regarding food. Maybe it has to do with your state or city law. I’m sure you can try using it, technically you don’t necessarily need an ID or Drivers license to show them, I’m sure they don’t abide by the “16” rule.

  2. None says:

    Redeem It, Who Give a Fuc* How old you are?

  3. SpicyIce says:

    Mcdonalds does not want to get sued anymore for “soliciting to minors” they do not want, lets say a 5 year old claiming food. The parents might be upset. since most states allow 16 year olds to drive, that age has less limits and restrictions. Old enough to have a job also, so most 16 years old can buy food themselves.

  4. charlott says:

    i dont think it shud make.a differance..go.to.mcdonalds.and.ask.x

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