10 Billion Euro Bail-out Loan To Cyprus — Interest Rate? . Years To Repay? . Collateral For The Loan?

[This question falls under the category of “Investing”, because Germany and other creditor-nations of the Eurozone are making a carefully-calculated economic investment in the prosperity of Cyprus and in the prosperity of the Eurozone as a whole.]
1) Do the 10 Billion euros go directly to the banks that need it, or does it go to the Cyprus government first, then the Cyprus government distributes it to the banks?
2) Is this loan to be repaid directly by the Cypriot Banks out of bank profits, or is this loan to be repaid out of tax revenues of citizens and sale of state-assets ?
3) How long is the term of the loan, and what is the interest rate? . . . How big are the monthly installments? . . . What is the collateral for the 10 billion Euro loan?
4) Is this a good and sound investment for all concerned? . . . Will the creditors see a profit in the end, or at least break even?
thanks for your answers

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