11448 Rapids Rd Akron Ny 14001?

This house used to be a gas station and has large 1000 lb gas tanks under the the front lawn. The basement floods to where people could SWIM in it.
It is not for sale by a company that refuses to disclose this information to potential buyers.
These people not only own it but are listing the property.
Is there anything I can do so that this man discloses these huge problems? & doesn’t just hide them??
11448 Rapids Rd Akron NY 14001
11448 Rapids Rd Newstead NY 14001

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One Response to “11448 Rapids Rd Akron Ny 14001?”

  1. Art Vandelay says:

    No, there is nothing you can do personally without running the risk of getting into legal trouble yourself.
    If the seller fails to disclose problems they know about, then the buyer can sue them for this and recover their money plus damages. It is their business and not yours.

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