15 Year Old Girl Birthday Present?

my sister is turning 15 soon and I really don’t know what to get her. she’s not really into fashion much so clothes or gift vouchers aren’t good presents. she dosnt really wear makeup or jewlry so its really hard to think of something for her, if you have any ideas just say, help!!!!!

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6 Responses to “15 Year Old Girl Birthday Present?”

  1. ? says:

    If she’s into any sports get her sports clothes that are cute or get her giftcards for places she’s likes! 🙂

  2. Lauren says:

    If she has an iphone get her an iTunes card or something if she likes games get her a game or you could just go take her out to eat with you or take her to the movies that’s what I did with my sister

  3. only me says:

    COLD HARD CASH , lots of them, and a well handwritten bday card

  4. Prophet Anna aka PinkFluffyJackR says:

    does she like to read..what about a gift card to book store. hmm. i know she eats..what if u just take her out once? shes practical and pribably deep thinker..what u think…shes nit about the fluffy stuff, fixing up/dolling up, shes probably more practical….and maybe quiet or serrious…so maybe something practical. is she into studying something, recently…maybe a pass to a museum..hmmm…. maybe this helps. u can alwaya make a gift basket or soaps, tea, a mug, candy, a book to encourage her, etc dollar store may have a basket and some goodies..but if its not cheap quality, u can get some good things than. lunch is a good thing..take her out perhaps.

  5. ღ♫♪♥•*´`*•♥ Rebecca ♥•*´`*•♥ღஜღ says:

    Tye dye kit, craft kit, posters, cds, dvds, roller skates, funky blanket/pillow set, beta fish, books, board games, bath set, shoes, backpack, purse, collage style picture frame, camera, mp3 player.

  6. elys says:

    Maybe something special involving you and her. Like a spa day. Maybe a nick nack that says something about sisters. Movie tickets. Be creative, think of things she likes and is into and go from there. You will do well either way With just the thought.

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