1988 Suzuki Gsx-r Advice?

I found an 88 GSX-R 750 for sale in my area, currently has tank, seat, fairings off. Owner says he took apart the wiring, got it running, but then it sat so the carbs need cleaning. Also said the tank needs to get cleaned. He is selling it for $300 w/out a title, says he lost it. Reason for selling is moving, and he can’t take it with. I was considering fixing it up a a winter project and then selling it in the spring to try to make some extra cash. Any opinions about this being a good deal or not? I have a decent ammount of mechanical knowledge, and friends who have ALOT of knowledge who can help.

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One Response to “1988 Suzuki Gsx-r Advice?”

  1. Hunter says:

    I’d say go for it but I’d make sure u can get a new title

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