2010 NUS student discount card?

im waiting for my NUS card to be delivered but last year it took a while so im presuming this year will be the same and i’ve found a lovely jacket on asos, however i can’t get the discount using my old code!

if anyone has a 2010 nus card number could you give me an example of how they look this year (you dont need to give me yours if you don’t want) – so i can generate my own. would be useful, thank you

– it looks like the 18-digits change every year. last years started with 000000 but other years have started with 9768

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One Response to “2010 NUS student discount card?”

  1. sunshine_mel says:

    if you’re waiting for your card to be delivered, you should have got (if you registered online) an email you can use while waiting for it to arrive, and also a login to the NUS student website, where you can access discount codes

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