2013 Honda Accord Lx Or Ex Sedan.?

I’m buying the 2013 Honda Accord LX or EX sedan.
What should I be paying for this car out the door since I’m paying cash for it? Should I get a discount for paying for the car in full? I live in CT. How much should they discount me?

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2 Responses to “2013 Honda Accord Lx Or Ex Sedan.?”

  1. cnsmoli says:

    check kelly blue books kbb.com for what you should be paying. what the car is worth and you could try to bargain on getting at least $500 less than what they selling it for

  2. Bill says:

    Cash to a dealer isn’t really an incentive as they would get paid in cash from a lender anyway. You should be able to negotiate about 10% off of the MSRP but will still need to pay sales tax,license and registration. Good Luck (Check out the local Honda dealers web sites as they usually give internet discounts).

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