Archive for November 15th, 2017

Organizing Ideas For Clutter Control in Your Home Year Around

I remember stories of spring cleaning where the women would take the rugs out and hang them on a line and beat out the dirt. They would wash walls and work for weeks sweeping out the cobwebs and making their homes spic and span. With our modern conveniences we no longer need to wait until […]

Cable TV – Do You Experience These Cable TV Problems Like My Friend Ted?

Cable T.V. My friend Ted is very fond of talking. To be honest, so am I! Whenever I meet Ted, we discuss any and everything under the sun. It generally includes many things with which we are not really concerned and which many people like us would never bother to even think about. But once […]

Team Building and Development Using Experiential Learning and The Belbin Model

Corporate team building clients are expecting better results from increasingly shorter program durations, and so "quality" definitely beats "quantity" when it comes to obtaining the best results. With this in mind, its no longer good enough to just copy a reality TV show format (eg and Amazing Race or Cooking Show) and just hope for […]

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