Archive for January 4th, 2018

Horse Blankets – Keep Your Horse Or Pony Warm During The Chilly Months

As winter approaches, the drop in temperatures, especially at night, becomes more noticeable. You start turning the heating on. At home the central heating gets turned on early in the morning and then stays on throughout the day. Does this make you wonder how your horse or foal are getting on? Many stables have heating […]

Facts About Scooby Doo

In the mid 60's parent groups started protesting about the Saturday cartoon – shows being too violent and the need of a child friendly program was interested. This is where Scooby Doo stepped in order to rescue the Saturday TV situation. Scooby Doo started off as an animated TV- series as early as year 1969. […]

Women in Leadership Roles – What Is Leadership?

How often have you heard it that a person is a born leader? But are leaders really 'born' or are leadership skills acquired? What is leadership? Leadership is more than just setting goals or tasks. Leadership is defining a vision and inspiring others to achieve it. Women in leadership roles are particularly good at defining […]

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