25% Discount at Optical Express?

Hi. Optical Express used to offer a 25% discount for students but now they reduced that discount to only 15%. But a sales assistant there told me about a Student-Discount Booklet which has a voucher that offers a 25% discount. She wrote the name of the booklet and the website to get it (both have the same name) but I lost the paper. That website offers students lots of discount vouchers if they buy the vouchers booklet.

Does anyone know what website is or what is the name of that voucher booklet?

Thanks all..

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One Response to “25% Discount at Optical Express?”

  1. freakingweekend says:

    Used to have one of those books… don’t know where to get them sorry. There are very good discounts – often for things like optical express – on http://www.city-treats.com I think they have a voucher for (what is it…) lovemyframes.com today (Friday).

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