£250 voucher for children?

the £250 voucher all children are supposed to get from the government towards a savings account. when will this happen and do i need to ask someone for this ? my daughter is 20 weeks old and havent heard anything yet. just wondering.

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  1. SimonC says:

    The money is called the Child Trust Fund, and it is tied into child benefit. You should get it automatically a few weeks after your register your child for child benefit. If you have registered your baby but not had the voucher call the child trust fund help line: 0845 302 1470.

  2. Keith G says:

    You need to persue it, They won’t automatically send it to you.

  3. Alfie's mummy says:

    In the bounty pack you received at the hospital there is a leaflet about child benefit etc you need to fill this in and send it to them, once they have received it you will receive a pack containing the £250 cheque.
    If you have already done this chase them up. Good luck x

  4. ******* says:

    did you get a baby pack when you were pregnant there should have been leaflets about it in there, you should have had something by now, ask your health visitor or nurse they will probably be able to help you, i think you have a year to claim and set the account up.

  5. oc says:

    They will contact you eventually if u dont contact them, if u recieved a bounty pack in the hospital when she was born u should have the information in there if not wait a little while and they will contact you in writing. You can in the meantime try find out where u wanna invest the money in which savings account u wanna put it in,

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