3 Different Birth Controls In 5 Months? Bad Or Okay?

Okay, so I had been on Ocella for a year and a half up until last spring. I never had a problem on it. I went off it in the Spring and then got a new prescription in September for Ocella. So in September and October I picked up my prescriptions in my hometown pharmacy and got Ocella. Then, in November and earlier this month I was up at school and received Yaz from the pharmacy up there. After taking Yaz, I had my first negative side effects using birth control (brown discharge before my period). Sooo now I just ordered my birth control for my next pack, and I did this online so I could a discount…..and I just received Syeda. They are all supposedly the same, minus a few inactive ingredients, but Im nervous to be taking 3 different brands in a 5 month span.
Any thoughts on this???

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2 Responses to “3 Different Birth Controls In 5 Months? Bad Or Okay?”

  1. Amanda says:

    I have had this issue before as well. My doctor tried me on several things. Trinessa worked great for me & finally got everything straightened out. Several of my friends are on it too & they say it works great! Best wishes!! 🙂

  2. Mandi says:

    You should be fine. They all do the same job, so as long as you consistently take some sort of oral contraceptive, you’ll be covered.
    Since you had a negative side effect with Yaz, I would definitely make sure you don’t get that again. Other than that, it used to be recommended that you switch every few years anyway.

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