3 Financial Algebra Questions Please Help Me Im Confused!?

Lenny and Lisa have obtained a 30-year, fixed rate mortgage for $675,250 with a 7.25% interest rate. They purchased 3 points and their rate is now 6.875%. Factoring in the cost of points, when is the break-even point on their mortgage?
Lindsay is financing $350,000 to purchase a house. How much money will she save over the life of a 30-year, fixed-rate loan by buying 3 points with a rate of 6.375% instead of not buying points with a rate of 6.75%?
Purchasing discount points is a decision which can be financially justified or not justified. Create a unique example where purchasing discount points is justified, solve the problem, and explain why the decision is justified. Your example should include the following: principal amount being financed, number of discount points, interest rates with and without points, and the monthly payment amounts with and without points.

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