“3 For $10” Do I Have To Buy 3?

As a general rule, if a store has items tagged as “3 for $10” for example, do you have to buy 3 of them to get the discount? If I only bought two, would I get them for $3.33?

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5 Responses to ““3 For $10” Do I Have To Buy 3?”

  1. Bruce says:

    you have to buy 3

  2. Sam says:

    You have to buy three. If you only buy two, they will make your pay retail price.

  3. Liberty Bible Student says:

    well in most stores they just use that to make you buy more when in reality you do not have to. Say in walmart or ingles they have these sells buy so many for such a price if you use your card etc… but if you only buy one it is same price they just use that to get you to buy more.
    Like buy 5 for $5 happens at ingles on stuff but you can buy 1 for $1 so same just there way to make you buy more

  4. Belle says:

    If you want that deal, then yes.
    If not, you’ll pay full price for 2 items.
    3 for $10 means 2 items are $3.33 & one is $3.34.

  5. RoyS says:

    Let’s say the price for one is $4, OR you can buy 3 for $10. If you buy only one or two, you would pay $4 each.

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