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Sunday 31-01-10 goes down in history as the date that Real 3D TV broadcasts started and 3D for TV became more than just a dream.

BSkyB jumped the gun somewhat when they surprised industry analysts and beat ESPN to become the first broadcaster to screen a live TV sports event. At the top of the league Arsenal versus Manchester United game, played at the Emirates stadium in London on Sunday January 31st, the UK based broadcaster transmitted two live feeds, one to it’s traditional Sky Sports subscribers domestic and commercial and another 3D feed to 9 selected pubs and clubs across 5 cities in England, Scotland, Wales and Eire.

This move came in advance of it’s planned April 2010 dedicated 3D channel nation wide launch and bestowed on the lucky punters the honor of being the first people to watch a live broadcast in 3D any where in the world. The transmission was broadcast using two different production and commentary teams and two separate camera crews.

When launched, Sky’s 3D channel will be available to existing subscribers to their Sky plus HD service at no additional cost. Of course these 1.6 million customers will need to upgrade to a new LCD 3d TV system to be able to take advantage of the service and the company expects the commercial side of the business to be the ones to drive the sports service forward. The company have however provided customers with a small carrot in the form of the promise of at least one premier league game broadcast live each week, but only when demand rises.

There are some down sides to 3D for TV, namely the upgrade so hot on the heels of HDTV and Blu Ray winning the war of the DVD players but we are all aware that the promise of an amazing, complete package of real 3d TV that includes shows, movies and sport will eventually entice us back to the store for another upgrade.

Source by Noel K. Swinton

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