4 Guidelines When Choosing an Area Rug For Your Living and Dining Rooms

To add vigor to your living area and dining room, area rugs can be integrated using the following guidelines: bold versus minimalist, dark versus light, typical versus whimsical shape, and single versus multiple pieces.

Area rugs can do a lot of magic in your home. It can turn a simple space into a pleasant and cozy place. The secret lies on the way you put things together to enhance the setting. Every area in your house must get equal attention when it comes to beautification including the living room and the dining room. For those two areas to stand out, decision on the following aspects has to be made:

Bold versus minimalist

If you want to make your area rug as the focal point, try rugs with bold designs since they tend to attract ones attention. Choose those with large prints because people easily get fascinated upon seeing generously proportioned objects. However, if you want to create a subtle effect on your space, pick something that blends along with the interior accents.

Dark versus light

Living room and dining room are two places in the house that need to have a bubbly aura. Since the living room is the receiving area, it should display vitality, so that visitors can feel the warmth of your welcome. An area rug that is dark in color is a perfect adornment. When it comes to your dining area, bright colors bring life and stimulate appetite. On the contrary, lighter shades represent calmness that conveys isolation; therefore, if you want to project that kind of feeling, rugs with lighter hue must be displayed in a conspicuous place.

Typical versus whimsical shape

Depending on your theme, it is good to mix and match decors of various styles and shapes. Being so traditional can lead to monotony, which can be very boring. Pick atypical shapes like oval and octagonal to compliment your hanging shelves. Any shape will do as long as the motif does not go beyond what is expected. Choose a theme that is not far out like the vintage rug for your contemporary house.

Single versus multiple pieces

Having more than one rug will not harm your home set up at all. At times, it is good to have many as long as it is varied because this defines every area of the house. You can put one under a center table, one piece at the doorstep while, another one on the wall. Just make sure they are not clashing with each other even if they represent different areas of the house.

Regardless of the number of designs and sizes available, the most important part when utilizing an area rug is to be able to come up with something that is in harmony with the rest of the accents.

Source by Patricia Strasser

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