4 Sundown Sa-8 D2’s On A ‘nendo Bc2k?

Hello everyone.
I’m still looking for some subs to go with my amp that will outright Wang.
Right now, Ebay is have a sale on the sa-8’s for $150 each which sound pretty tempt
ah but wait…theeersh more! Lol
American Bass has their new line of xfl series subs and been thinking about going with two 10’s.
Spoke with Bob and he’ll let me get them for $200 each.
Then there’s Crescendo.
Well, I love their product and wanna run Crescendo every thing.
Which means that I have grown very impatient of waiting on their new subs to hit the market.
So my question is, will 4 sa-8’s in 3.5 cubes,@ 35 hz get loud on a bc2k?
Car will be a ’94 BMW 740i.
Electrical, Knuconceptz 0g throughout and may go with a Mechman 200a alt.
Then there’s the 2 AB xfl 10’s option.
Which sub setup out of the Sundowns or AB’S would likely sound the best on that amp?
If anything,should I switch to the bc3.5k amp instead?
Thanks y’all.

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