40 gb ps3 console from amazon.co.uk?

As where i live the 40gb ps3 if i bought one wouldn’t include VAT so from the price £280 would be £238 and i was just wondering if this is actually brand new from the company because i was just seeing how much it would cost before i knew and it said condition:new and thats what it usually says if its been used by a person:S, so i was wondering if please u could tell me if this is brand new and is this really cheap thanks ?????

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2 Responses to “40 gb ps3 console from amazon.co.uk?”

  1. storm says:

    amazon is a reputable company it states £279.99 on there website for a new ps3 so yes go for it.

    as the normal price in most high street shops is £299.99

  2. axeman says:

    Probably. They’re only £299.99 in the shops, so £280 inc tax wouldn’t seem all that much cheaper to me.

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