44%-philly,41%-ctown,40%-chica… W/ Kids In Private School.case For School Vouchers?

Could there not be a better case for school vouchers than this? If so many teachers don’t trust the schools they teach in to educate their children, why should everyone else? In Cali the state gives each school approx $7500 for each student. Why not give the citizen a $5000 tax credit(voucher) for private schools? The state saves money, the parents options are opened up, the child gets a better education. Choice and more options are good no?http://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2004/s…

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One Response to “44%-philly,41%-ctown,40%-chica… W/ Kids In Private School.case For School Vouchers?”

  1. Bflowing says:

    So basically the Federal Government pays for education. It only favors those that would have 5000 in tax. A tax credit is not a voucher. You would have to pay the tuition, then file a tax return to get the credit.
    Also, as more people want to use private schools, the law of supply and demand comes into play. Tuition costs go up. New private schools spring up, but may not be as good. Public schools enrollment drops, with a corresponding drop in property tax. Thus creating a two tier school system, with public schools for the poor, and private schools for the upper class.

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