60 Day Used Car Warranty Inclusions?

I purchased a 60 day warranty from a dealer (Luther) and found out 3 days after purchase that the sunroof intermittently chooses not to open.
I called immediately, asking if this would be covered under the included warranty. The sales representative went and asked his manager, then returned to say that it should be covered an to schedule an appt.
After bringing it in and getting a cost quote, they are attempting to say it is not included because it can not be proven if it was pre existing or not. The cost to repair was high, so it’s very fishy to me that originally they said it was covered only to change their mind when they found out the issue.
My argument is that, wouldn’t the purpose of the warranty be to cover pre existing issues sold unknowingly with the vehicle? Ill admit that it was raining during the test drive, and it never crossed my mind to try and open it.
I found the issue only two days after the purchase. I did not cause the sunroof to stop working, nor did I know or was it disclosed to me that it was non functioning.
I am going back to talk to a different manager at the dealer tomorrow…but am I crazy to think that this should be covered?
(P.S. there is no note in the warranty to exclude sunroofs)
Any opinions are greatly appreciated!

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One Response to “60 Day Used Car Warranty Inclusions?”

  1. xx_satan says:

    What this comes down to is the wording of the warranty on paper. What does it say is or is not covered. Your opinion, and the dealer’s opinion really don’t matter. It also doesnt matter whether it happened on day 2 or day 59 – all that matters is the paper that is signed.
    Take it out and read it over. See if there is anything that references sunroof. I am betting that it is not. Warranty on used car is typically there to cover engine and transmission. Everything else is typically not covered.

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