62p – A bargain?

it costs each UK taxpayer 62p a year to support the Royal family. Isn’t this a bargain compared to the cost of keeping John Prescott?

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13 Responses to “62p – A bargain?”

  1. Dave says:

    62p!!!! I think that is great, she is a symbol of the greatness of Britain and good value, especially when i read yesterday that last year Prince Charles helped raise £100million for charity and made well over 1000 public duties.

    Check out this answer somebody gave for a similar question, think it sums it up… http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/?qid=20060612091901AAYwjOZ&r=w&is_vote_given=true&pa=BpVqD13uBHMzU.qS4x0GSWVpr9Vn2UFdCyKu3SQz8c0gnAWNu30-

  2. Chaz ...o(_I want YOU to think_) says:

    really? is it that low? I guess we should look at how much goes towards supporting the government, but 62p seems more than reasonable

  3. amie says:

    nope – wud rather keep my 62p and buy a bag of chips from local chippy, or throw the money down the drain than give it 2 the monarchy

  4. spiegy2000 says:

    It’s definitely a bargain, at least she works for a living. Almost half of my wage every month goes to the inland revenue, and we all know who I am supporting, it is not people who are working (at least legally).
    Did you know that income tax was a "temporary measure" to fund the boer war?

  5. engineer says:

    It’s no big deal… We all complain about the size of the family and the number of "hangers on" but the Royal heritage brings hell of a lot of tourism here… loads of Yen and Dollars, so it’s a good expense in my opinion.

  6. wall_martin says:

    She’s a lovely lady, if she needs more all she need do is call me. Leave Mr.Prescott alone though. He does a fantastic job, despite what the papers say.

  7. stephen a says:

    nearly as much as a pot noodle

  8. dilly says:

    Too much money in that family. Will the Brit’s ever dump the German lady and her Greek fella, why give any money to them. Better to give your money to a good charity than to multi millionaires who are to mean to spend their own money.

  9. monkeyface says:

    Still too much. They each have personal fortunes that they should be using.
    I have no objection to paying for state visits or any fficial duties but they live rent & council tax tax free.
    We pay ALL their living expenses. They live really well whereas we have to work hard just to get by.
    Everyone seems to have forgotten that THEY WORK FOR US not the other way round.

  10. tamzin b useful today says:

    why how much does john prescott cost to support

  11. haha says:

    nope, i would rather keep that 62p because i cant make ends meet. cant afford to keep financing the royals

  12. bigandneedy says:

    I would support the royal family at any cost, as for Prescott I would not put him out if he was on fire

  13. byedabye says:

    Yep a bargin! Get rid of Prescott he is useless and paid way too much!

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