7 of the Strangest Travel Insurance Claims

‘Stranger things have happened’: for some it is a catch-cry to tell you that anything is possible. Few people have as good an understanding of just what those stranger things might be than the people who process travel insurance claims! If you have an overseas trip upcoming, you have probably purchased travel insurance against common events like losing your luggage, missing a flight, or getting ill while overseas and needing medical assistance. What you might not realize is that it isn’t only the boring events that travel insurance helps you out with. The unexpected does happen – and it happens to single group more than travelers. Here we look at some of the weird and wonderful travel insurance claims from around the world.

1. Bikinis break man’s nose

In Athens, a young man had to file a claim on his medical travel insurance for a broken nose. He wasn’t watching where he was going and walked into a bus shelter… because his eyes were taken up with a passing group of bikini clad women. Such pleasure followed by such pain! It’s like his mother was exacting revenge…

2. Free skis for lack of snow

A British lady claimed on her travel insurance after purchasing a new set of skis for a holiday, and finding that the slopes were completely dry once she arrived there. Not dry powder – just no snow. Her insurance company refunded her the cost of the skis – she mustn’t have had the option to ask for a refund from the company.

3. Expensive hide and seek game paid for

A family holidaying on the beach in Cornwall had some panicked, frantic, and finally stern words with the children after they thought it would be funny to bury the £600 hand-held video camera. insurance covered the cost though – you can see how incidents which sometimes seem to be the insured’s ‘fault’ are actually covered by the policy. Some home insurance companies would have covered you for this event if it had happened at home, with the appropriate policy. Another good reason to play it safe with travel-insurance levels when you have kids.

4. How can we sleep when our brides are burning?

A British couple wedding on a West Indian beach had to take an unexpected dip when a coal from a fire caught the bride’s dress. Her husband threw her in the sea, and the travel-insurance claim for the ruined outfits was paid. Almost a happy ending!

5. Coconuts leave woman critical

Okay, not quite critical – but a woman holidaying in Sri Lanka had to get medical treatment after a coconut fell from a tree and landed squarely on her head. Apparently coconuts cause more deaths per year than sharks.

6. Fire Bar burns woman

The bar at ‘Fire Bar’ in Greece periodically becomes engulfed in flames – a neat party trick. However one girl did not understand the warning buzzer, and stayed at the bar waiting to be served. She received third degree burns to her hands, and her travel-insurance claim was paid, despite the risky activity!

7. Wallet in drain creates medical claim

A man who dropped his wallet down a drain in Israel ended up making a medical travel-insurance claim, as well as one for the lost wallet, when he was stung by a scorpion while trying to retrieve it. ‘Finders keepers – get away!’.

Source by Mark V James

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