A bra question for the females: Where do you normall shop?

I really like M&S (Marks & Spencers) because I find that most bras there fit nicely. I’ve tried different stores but I always go back to M&S. Also, do you spend a lot on bras? I foolishy have in the past and regret it now but nevermind.
I like La Senza but I’m afraid the bras never fit me quite right 🙁 Not enough support.

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24 Responses to “A bra question for the females: Where do you normall shop?”

  1. sabrina says:

    Marks and spencers

  2. shadowess says:

    Victoria Secret

  3. pinkwoodrose says:

    I like the brand, Bali. I never put them in the dryer and they last for years. I expect to spend around $30 on a bra unless I find a great sale.

  4. HAPPY:-) says:

    M&S… They have the best bras and they last forever!!!

    £20.00 – £40.00.

  5. Alex T says:

    Im a guy and i just wanted to throw my two cents in. VICTORIA’S SECRET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Robin G says:

    but nevermind? So you didn’t fully intend to ask this question? I buy my bra’s at fredericks of hollywood. Good prices on quality merchandise, and always something new and seasonal.

  7. ashley says:

    try Marshall’s they have calvin Klein for really cheap and they fit good

  8. Lady A says:

    Victoria’s Secret. I only buy one or two bras a year, so I do spend a lot because I want comfort and a correct fit for the bras I wear everyday.

  9. Just a girl xo says:

    Im 14 and a 34FF so its quite hard to find nice bras that arent grannyish in my size. I prefer to go to independent lingerie retailers becuase i have been to m+s but i dont feel the bras really fit me that well and the ones in my size are not very nice styles.

    I like freya bras and i go usually to bravissimo

  10. crazy pants says:

    I get most of mine in la senza, their bras are a really good shape and they normally have good deals on to.

  11. Jiggly Puff says:

    i go to kohls, cheap bras that dont fit

  12. ʎɥʇɐʞ says:

    it`s hard find a good bra store, for my size, us large breasted women need more options.

  13. humpyem says:

    i shop any were and every were. i mainly shop in places like new look or primark. and i once spent about £20 on two bras! but they are so nice!

  14. sally says:

    I buy bras from Debenhams, my favourite are Freya. I dont like M&S bras, I have quite large boob and I dont like the fit or support in M&S.
    I spend approx £25 – £30 per bra.

    It pays to buy good bras to stop getting saggy boobs when you get older!!

  15. Ana says:

    Victoria’s secret

  16. loly says:

    victoria secret and la senza

  17. sarahmay says:

    Lane Bryant. I’m too small for their clothes, but I have a big chest. Their bras are comfy, cute, and give enough support. And once or twice a year they have a sale that’s buy 2, get 2 free. Last time I got 4 great bras for $60.

  18. Lalo V says:

    victoria secret but for sports bra i go to sports authority or dicks

    other stores thta has nice collections and a little cheaper or stores like ross, marshalls , and kohls

  19. sierraaaaa says:

    the lingerie department at barneys.

  20. Kristy D says:

    Victoria secrets, la senza or for everyday wear debenhams

  21. badger180 says:

    I go to Kohl’s or Victories Secret

  22. Gabzillaxxx says:

    victorias secret
    or a specialty shop

  23. x..Miss March..x says:

    La Senza
    Ann Summers
    Never had a bra from M&S tho


    The most i’ve spent on a bra is £30, i normally get really good ones from around £10-£20!

  24. claire says:

    If i want a specific bra that doesn’t have wires i always go to M&S and never spend over £10 otherwise i will look round places like TK Maxx to see if i can get something designer cheap or i might go to somewhere cheap last week i got a really good Playtex mysize B and a half cup bra for £3

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