A Couple Math Problems I Have Been Stuck On.?

the first one is:
My sister loves to go to the mall. yesterday she borrowed a wad of money from mom and went to the mall. She began spending it by buying a new compact disc player for $18. then she spent half of her remaining money on a new dress. Then she spent $11 for lunch. then she spent 1/3 of her remaining money on a book. on her way home she bought gas for $12 and spend 1/4 of her remaining money on a discount tape. Finally she slipped me $2 when she got home and gave mom $10 in change back. mom was furious and demanded an explanation of where the money went. list the items and the amount spent on each item.
The Second problem is:
Ken played golf yesterday and shot 107. considering that he normally shoots in the low 80s high 70s, this round got him really frustrated so he decided to buy new golf clubs. He had to give the others away first: he gave half of this golf clubs, plus a half club more to daniel. then he gave half of his remaining clubs to gary. then he gave half of his remaining clubs and half a club more to Will. this left ken with one club that he decided to keep. how many clubs did ken start with before he gave them away?
Thank you for your help, i’m not sure why im having trouble working backwards on problems, if you have any advice for me its greatly appreciated! thanks!

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