A Coworker Who Is Repeatedly And Loudly Farting & Burping Was Confronted About It…?

and claimed that it was due to a medical condition and then threatened to sue the company. Apparently he is thinking about claiming some sort of discrimination due to his previously unknown to others, and alleged, ‘medical condition’. There was no discrimination or harassment, just a query about why this individual farts and burps so much and why it’s almost always as he’s passing near other employees. Does he have a legal leg to stand on? The farting coworker is also in a sales position, so I am also curious if there are jobs in a company better suited for someone who can’t control their bowels than sales?

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4 Responses to “A Coworker Who Is Repeatedly And Loudly Farting & Burping Was Confronted About It…?”

  1. Marcus says:

    Mind your own business. YES there are medical conditions that cause such gastric upsets.

  2. Arthur W says:

    Nope as he wasnt denied a pay raise or an job advancement due to his so called medical condition, and he may have listed it on his application which means upper Management knows about, but if other employees complain as to being disruptive to others than Management would have to do something but just to bring it up to him is by no means, discrimination of any sorts so hes just making idle threats here. Management should see if he really does have some legit medical condition here or if hes playing everyone. Good luck

  3. Vinncent says:

    If the person expects special consideration the company is within its rights to ask for proof of a disability this isn’t harassment or discrimination. You can’t just say you have Tourette’s syndrome and go around cursing at work you’d need medical proof of your condition. In addition not every medical condition is a protect disability and companies can always fire them for other reasons outside a medical condition.
    “Oh we didn’t mind the cursing we just needed to downsize”

  4. hotwheel says:

    if there was no prior knowledge of his condition (usually these subjects are brought up in the hiring process) then he cant really claim discrimination for something that was unknown…. besides, asking about someones condition is not discrimination, but its also not appropriate or anyone’s business whether you think its your business or not, im telling you, no ones medical conditions are your business.
    to your questions:
    does he have a legal leg to stand on? only if he told his manager before this incident and has medical documentation to prove such “disability”
    is there jobs better suited for someone who cannot control their bowels than sales? of course there are, but thats not your judgment call. people have medical conditions and if they are qualified to work in a certain position then they have the right to that position, your statement right there sort of touches ON discrimination if you are implying that only certain people should be allowed to be in sales…
    as someone with the same condition as the person you are discussing, you have to understand how embarrassing it is to not be able to control something like that…. you should try to be a little more sensitive..

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