A Girl Jacket Question? Girls Only! 10 Points!?

A girl jacket question? Girls only! 10 points!?
Girls what do u think of this jacket?
I am an androgynous male that wear and like girls clothes better than guys clothes. I wear almost all type of girls clothes.
It is for the winter right? I am not gay by the way, just like girls clothes.
I wear lots of girly clothing. So yeah, I even wear 2 inch heel boots.
So this is nothing really and really like the jacket. It will come out as 10 bucks too.
I like dressing more effeminately too.

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2 Responses to “A Girl Jacket Question? Girls Only! 10 Points!?”

  1. Melany says:

    Im just going to pretend ur a girl.So ya i think its pretty cute but only looks good with the right clothes that you are going to wear with it

  2. Um says:

    I like it. And I’ve.never heard of a guy who dresses like girls but is not gay… hm. Best of luck to ya! You should by that jacket it.you like it

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