A Little Help With My Algebra 2 Homework?

I’m doing my remediation on expressions… I just want to check my answers with someone . I’m about to do the worksheet though… Please explain what you did/ how you got the answer to the questions with * next to them?
Write The Expression & Solve It If You Can
1) What is 5 more than the product of 4 times a certain number?
*2) Each week a store sells a jeans and b shirts. If the store earns $30 for each pair of jeans and $20 for each shirt, what is the expression that shows the total amount of money, in dollars, that the store earns each week?
*3) One-half of Heather’s age two years from now plus 1/3 of her age three years ago is twenty years. How old is she now?
*4) Two students start a Business. They will make up and deliver helium balloon bouquets for special occasions. It will cost them $39.99 to buy a machine to fill the balloons with helium. They estimate that it will cost them $2.00 to buy the balloons, helium and ribbons to make the bouquet. What is the expression used to model the total cost of producing b balloon bouquets?
5) Your boss says that his wife has put an 18 x 51 foot garden in along the whole back end of their back yard. He says that this has reduced the back yard lawn area by 24%. What are the total dimensions of his back yard? What are the dimensions of the remaining lawn area.
*6) Anthony went into Discount Music to price CDs. All CDs were discounted 28% off the marked price. If p represents the price, what is an expression for calculating the discounted price paid for a CD.?
*7) Twice the larger of two numbers is three more than five times the smaller, and the sum of four times the larger and three times the smaller is 71 . What are the numbers?

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One Response to “A Little Help With My Algebra 2 Homework?”

  1. Nathanae says:

    1.) 4x+5
    2.) 30a + 20b
    3.) (x+2)/2+(x-3)/3=20
    5x/6 = 20
    5x = 120
    x = 24
    4.) 39.99+2b
    5.) backyard = 51 by 75; remaining lawn = 51 by 57
    6.) p*0.72
    7.) {5, 14}

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