A Modest Proposal: Abolish Academic Degrees?

IMO academic degrees are nonhereditary “titles of nobility” that are for sale. In the ancien regime and feudal Europe, if you didn’t have a title of nobility, either hereditary or acquired, you weren’t eligible for certain positions in society, or you had a special advantage. Same thing with the clergy, whose members were entitled to special privileges.
It’s pretty much the same thing in our modern society, IMO. If you don’t have an academic degree, you can be discriminated against for employment irrespective of your capability to do the job, or even if it’s in an irrelevant field.
They should be unconstitutional for this reason, as titles of nobility are unconstitutional. We, the people should rise up and smash this system of privilege, as it is a relic of the Ancien regime and is contrary to our republic, and is undemocratic. Plus, the credentialism is running out of control and there is a whole bunch of degree inflation. Just get rid of academic degrees and make them null and void, and SEPARATE KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS FROM TITLES.
Who’s with me!!!!

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4 Responses to “A Modest Proposal: Abolish Academic Degrees?”

  1. Gregory says:

    you’re just lazy to go to school. there’s a reason why people with degrees get paid more, because the education they attained from their degree has trained them to move up in higher positions. they are trainable, smarter, and live a life of higher quality. and most importantly, they aren’t lazy like you… IMO.

  2. Ashley says:

    There are still a few communist countries in the world, why don’t you find one to move to?

  3. Elijah says:

    No, the problem with University in the U.S. and Canada is that it’s too expensive. If we could let everyone who wanted a good education one, then everyone could be on equal footing. It’s a complicated topic, but we need an educated populace to compete with Euope and the far East.

  4. xDark_Genomex =) says:

    You do have a point. However, I wouldn’t compare a degree to having a “title of nobility” because such a title is not earned, are you suggesting that people with degrees don’t EARN their degree? While I am sure some don’t, there a many many who work hard to earn that degree. Yes, a degree puts in you a better position than others because society has placed great value on the a college degree, such place is earned. I don’t see an issue with this. With that said, there are many others who are simply not cut out for that world and there is nothing wrong with that. This where the issues start coming into place. While people should earn their place in society, people who aren’t cut out for the academic world shouldn’t have it any harder because college isn’t right for them. They should have other opportunities to earn their way up. This where our current mode of thinking should change. But it comes down to people should earn their place, regardless of where they started, college or not.

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