A Photography Course Online – You've Got the Camera, Now Get the Skills!

Whilst digital cameras are more affordable than ever, they can still be a significant investment – especially an SLR model at the higher end of the market. With this in mind, it is worth discovering the skills that will enable you to take full advantage of your equipment. When you buy a car, you take lessons to learn how to drive it properly. You should apply the same ethics to your camera. To me, it makes pure common sense to take the simple steps to reveal its full potential. A suitable photography course online can quickly show you easy to learn tricks that will transform your photographs from amateur to professional looking.

Any good course will provide the basic skills to enable you to start taking memorable shots. These will include not only the rudimentary of which button to press, or the setting to choose for a particular type of photo. You will also learn how to use rules of composition that make your photographs stand out from the crowd. You will learn to notice photographic opportunities, in situations that you would normally not even be aware of. You will learn how to take great shots across genres – landscapes, portraits, macro, wildlife, sports – so that you can move on to specialize in one area if you wish.

But what would differentiate one photography course online from another? For a start, one that is contemporary, moving with the times. There are a number of downloadable photo tuition products on the market, but many of these are e-book courses or lessons written a number of years ago. Once you buy the product – that is it. It is the same as purchasing a physical book, which you interpret and hope you have applied correctly.

A really top of the range online course will additionally provide you with video lessons that you can follow and apply. It may also provide access to a monthly newsletter or ezine, which includes opportunities for you to submit your own images for critical appraisal.

When you are following a course in isolation, it can be quite difficult to know if you have really frustrated a particular lesson. For example, let's say you follow a lesson on landscapes. Go go out and take some shots of local hills and valleys. Then you have to try to critique your own photographs objectively. Believe me, this is not easy to do, especially when you are starting out. You will usually find you are too harsh on yourself, discarding images that most others would see as stunning. On the other hand, you may self-praise photos that in reality were no better than ordinary.

This is where a great photography course online will differ from the rest. Such a course will provide you with feedback, assistance, when needed, and will encourage photographic submissions so that you can get the objective feedback from a true expert that will enable your future photography to move on in leaps and boundaries. If you have invested in a new camera, consider investing in yourself too, and taking a course that will provide you with the skills to use it creatively.

Source by Paul Summers

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