A Question About My Flight?

A while ago I received a 50 dollar voucher towards my next flight, flying US Airways.
They also sent me directions, limitations, and additional information.
Under Limitations they have:
-No stopovers permitted
-Prepaid ticket service (PTA) is not permitted
What do these mean. Only answer if you know FOR CERTAIN please.

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One Response to “A Question About My Flight?”

  1. Neil says:

    Stopover (NOT synonymous with layover) means remaining at an intermediate point longer than necessary in order to continue travel to your destination.
    Let’s say you are in San Francisco and want to go to Jacksonville, Florida. Let’s say there’s a flight to Dallas that gets in at 2 pm and a flight from Dallas to Jax that leaves at 5 pm. But you want to see your sister in Dallas, so you want to take a flight from Dallas at 9 pm. Not allowed. But if the 5pm flight is sold out, it would be allowed because it is now necessary.
    Of course, on USAir, the connection wouldn’t be in Dallas.
    Never heard of PTA, except for those meetings my parents went to.

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