A Question For A Realtor- Mls Listings?

My wife and I have developed a relationship over the past year with a local REALTOR to sell our house. We went into contract at one point, but we wind up pulling out the contract after the buyer was denied a mortgage 2X. The listing expired in Dec. 2012. Few weeks ago another REALTOR knocked on our door and said she had client who was interested in our house. If we were to accept the offer would REALTOR number 1 found out via sold via REALTOR number 2? The house did not go back on the MLS- we just agreed for REALTOR number 2 to provide a one-off showing. I ask as I don’t want to burn bridges with REALTOR number 1. I want it to be considered a For Sale By Owner Situation so REALTOR number 1 doesn’t get upset. Thanks!

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One Response to “A Question For A Realtor- Mls Listings?”

  1. real estate guy says:

    Your listing with agent one is expired. Period. You have no duty to the first agent.
    The 2nd agent has offered to show your house on a one time basis. Let this pan out. If it doesn’t, you have lost nothing. Nor have you done anything wrong.

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