A Question From An Italian….?

I have to rewrite these sentences as one sentence using the words given in brackets.
1) Tom was offered a job in an advertising office. He had no experience in advertising. (NEVER/BEFORE)
I was thinking of writing: Tom was never offered a job in advertising before. Ìs that correct? Or do I have to use ‘Tom has never been offered a job…’? Why?
And another one: They arrived at the shop early. The television was still on sale. (WHEN/NOT SALE)
How do I do this one?

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One Response to “A Question From An Italian….?”

  1. El Conqistador says:

    I’d say, even though he’d never worked in advertising before, Tom was offered a job.
    When they arrived at the shop early, the television was still on sale.
    There is no English construciton where NOT SALE is a phrase you could use.

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