A question regarding concreting a base for garden builds?

We’re buying a house which has a huge garden.
We want to put a large log cabin and a greenhouse in the garden, probably side by side.
I thought we could save time and energy if we put the conrete base down in one big piece but I’m not sure how deep and wide to go. (I’m no builder)
These are the kind of buildings we are looking at.


I don’t want to go overkill on concrete but at the same time I want to do this once and do it properly.
Any advice would be great.
Well, they are links to a 6ft x 10ft greenhouse and a 10ft by 20ft cabin.

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5 Responses to “A question regarding concreting a base for garden builds?”

  1. livestium says:

    The links aren’t working so I can’t see what it is you’re after. But for a typical base for a shed would comprise between 4-6 inches of scalpings/ hardcore and 4 inches of concrete, you can always add some reinforcing such as 5mm reinforcing mesh.

    If the log cabin requires a thicker base to support the walls you can thicken the concrete by digging a shallow footing and allow the concrete to be a greater depth on the edge. Similar to a raft foundation.

    If the shed is timber clad its a good idea not to make the base any wider than the shed so that the timber clad can hang over the side of the concrete, this will prevent any sitting water thus rotting the shed out.

    And don’t forget a damp proof membrane for the log cabin it will prevent damp from coming up thru the floor, the fitting of DPM should be hardcore/scalps then a sand blinding 10mm will be fine its to prevent the DPM being punctured then concrete as normal.

  2. Evening all. says:

    Put down a layer of hardcore (rubble) first.

  3. Aunty Rhyme 'Em says:

    If loads of cash architect advice

    If unqualified advice loads of brick rubble and plan your north / south aspect.

  4. Maria says:

    Nice idea for building green house in your garden and that will benefit you. I have recently build garden shed with the help of garden shed providing company and it was very useful.

  5. zookmook says:

    Preparing for a any type of structure requires planning, so be careful about what you are doing as every project is unique and we cannot see your plans, so we are merely speculating.

    The adequate thickness for a shed would be 4" of base and 4" of concrete, but you are building a log cabin which (without seeing the structure) sounds much heavier. What’s important is to have you footing go deep into the ground for a couple of reasons. First, there will be greater vertical strength so that the weight of the structure will be supported and the ground will not sag causing breakup. Secondly, depending on the location of the building (level ground, or on a slope) there might be erosion from water runoff which might erode the soil around the structure, so the deep footing overcomes this.

    If you are building an level ground a slab should be adequate, but you have to calculate the weight of the structure to determine the amount of base (or gravel) needed. The thicker the base, the less likely the concrete will fail. You might want to go with 6" of base and 4" of cement just to be sure. Don’t forget to install the footing anchor bolts to secure you footing joists before the cement is poured. These will have threads which will bolt the structure to the slab or footing.

    If this is too much for you, you can also build the log cabin on cement pylons. The cabin will be slightly above the ground and you won’t have to to worry about ground moisture. As for the hot house, it can easily be built on a base slab (no cement). Don’t forget that you will have to deal with water drainage.

    Hope this helps a bit.

    Good luck

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