A Round Rug May Be Just Right For Your Breakfast Nook

For those in apartments or smaller condominiums, the dining area is a breakfast nook that only allows for a small table and a few chairs. There may not be sufficient room for formal dining, so look for fresh ideas for decorating. The right round rug could be the ideal addition to a compact nook.

The perfect piece of furniture for this area would be a smaller dining table and ideally, you will need something under it. A round rug is the perfect piece of floor décor for such a table. It will not project an awkward, force-fitted look like a rectangular rug. It will make the space look natural and inviting.

Put a round area rug beneath the table to keep the carpeting clean. Children have a tendency to be messy, especially when they are younger. Landlords will often hold on to your deposit should you move without leaving perfect carpets behind. With a round area rug in place, you are far less likely to have to spend loads of money on carpet cleaning. Often a touch of spot cleaning will do the job.

If you live alone or with another, your dining area will be smaller, but that does not mean that you can’t dress it up a bit. A round oriental rug can lean an air of tradition and classical taste to your dining. Just because a space is smaller, it needn’t lack charm or even elegance!

So make the breakfast nook special by adding a round rug. You can turn the nook into a small but stylish dining area, or you can use the rug to protect the carpet from wear and tear. There is no shortage of ways to use around rug to solve your decorator problems!

Source by Rusty Duchuss

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