A Rug in the Dining Room?

It is easy to assume that an area where food is consumed utilitarian, easy to clean, should have floors. However, an area rug in a dining room is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of an eating area. Whether the floor is hardwood or carpet, on top of the existing floor with an area rug creates a warm and inviting space, where the food is a delight.

practically speaking, if a room has hardwood floors, a rug under the seating area will help to protect the wood from the constant movement of chairs. Even with felt on the chair legs scuffed the finish will be, and ultimately breaking down the wear. If a room has wall to wall carpeting, an area rug can protect that investment against stains and wear, as well; it’s a lot easier to replace a carpet than a hardwood floor re-finishing or ripping up wall-to-wall carpet.

From an aesthetic view, an area rug is a wonderful way to anchor the seating area. If the dining room furniture is the centerpiece of the room, an area rug can serve as a frame that draws the eye in the direction of those documents. Choosing a neutral carpet with a border will help feature the dining area to best advantage. On the other hand, while a bold pattern can derive from the establishment itself, often, a striking pattern can help give a sense of vitality to the room in general and become an excellent base for wonderful decorating options.

Regardless of the style and characteristics of the back, it is essential to measure carefully – this is particularly true in the dining room. It is important that the carpet is large enough to each seat to be fully pulled out from the table. If dining is designed to provide a comfortable and welcoming place to gather and eat, the last thing a host or hostess wants is to make the guests about their hooks seat on the carpet! In most cases, a carpet should be at least 18 inches to extend to all the sides of the table; as three feet to the length and width of a dining room table to find the minimum dimensions of a dining room carpet. If the table is around, add at least three feet to the diameter of the table.

After determining the minimum size area rug, home decorators may want to consider the maximum preferred size for their space. If a room is graced with hardwood floors, choosing a smaller carpet will allow more of the wood floor shine. If the dining area has wall to wall carpeting, an area rug can spread to the walls, depending on personal preference and the condition of the carpet. Because of these special considerations can custom size rugs are a handy option when decorating a room. It is important that home decorators get what they want in the size they want!

Source by Tia Crawford

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