Absolute Proof That Abzman Supports Cr7 And Not Real Madrid?

wow LOL.
So basically this:
”It’s worth every penny” – So keeping CR7 alone is enough for him, and damaging the ability of the club to make future big transfers is just fine because CR7 alone = the whole team and squad.
”he is on the fence due to lack of success” – Is this is a team sport or not? Ronaldo has had an excellent support cast yet has overseen 3 out of 4 failure seasons at Madrid. Yet Abzman supports the player in acting like he is bigger than the club despite his sporting project failing horribly.
”He is aware his legacy could be hurt in Spain by Messi” – How I miss the days where we had quiet, hard workers like Raul in the team who cared not for individual awards even while being robbed of them. Post-2009 fans don’t understand. Abzman just continues to protect and justify an ego that is CLEARLY damaging the team. As long as CR7 drags this on it just hampers the plans of the club elsewhere.
”I’d rather keep Ronaldo than make 2 new singings”. – Wow. So you’d rather keep last seasons exact same failure team with CR7 but minus a few squad players like arvalho, than ACTUALLY IMPROVE THE TEAM? How can such a peson say they are a fan of the CLUB?
I, personally, think CR7 is acting in a selfish and outrageous way and I detest how Perez worships and serves celebrities. I just hope that a quick sale to PSG, Monaco, Man United etc can be arranged as soon as possible. CR7, his pathetic, childish ego and his concubines like Abzman, Dos etc can go with him.

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2 Responses to “Absolute Proof That Abzman Supports Cr7 And Not Real Madrid?”

  1. Mike says:

    I didnt really believe he was a CR7 “hipster” until I saw that last quote would he really rather keep the same team that has pretty much failed for the last 3 seasons just to keep CR7 at Madrid ? Smh I mean IF I were madrid fan I would like them to sell CR7 ..buy a new striker a playmaker to accompany ozil and a new winger (an actual winger not a winger that basically plays the the the inzaghi role)
    But no LMAO keep the same team that has been failing so ronaldo can keep banging in 60 goals !

  2. Abzman says:

    lol. I like how you took time to screenshot and quote every line I wrote with an “explanation.”
    CR IS worth every penny because he as shown a level of performance beyond that of his peers for the last 4 years. 201 goals in 199 appearances speaks for itself. And how does Madrid giving that sort of contract “damage the club’s ability to make future big transfers?” They can afford to give him that package and still go about their business so I don’t see your point.
    It’s a team sport which is exactly why the club have overseen 3 out of 4 failure seaons.” As much as Ronaldo does, at the end of the day it’s the team as a whole that matters when coming to winning major silverware. He can only win so many games by himself. It’s funny how you say it’s a team sport yet you say his “sporting project failed horribly” despite doing everything right from sporting wise from his point of view. Ronaldo has done as much or more than he was brought to do so you can’t say that he failed horibly. Afterall, la liga, copa del rey etc. won was largely down to him.
    For the last time CR7 had no bearing on Madrid’s shortcomings. How can you seriously claim without trolling that Ronaldo was to blame for that failure season? If anything he was the shining grace at times especially in the Champions league where we made it as far as the semis.
    Maybe, the way he’s gone about this transfer business has been unprofessional but everything else you’re trying to prove is absolute bull$hit.
    90% of Madrid fans want Ronaldo to re-sign. You’re just a whiny ***** who likes to pick on different players for no logical reason.

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