Accepted For Section 8 Housing?

Today my mother just recieved a letter in the mail saying we have been selected to be placed on the housing choice voucher waiting list with the city of richmond housing authority ca. My mother is a single parent with 4 children including me i also have a child and i am 17 does anyone know how long we will be on the wait list ? A long time or not please let me now.

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4 Responses to “Accepted For Section 8 Housing?”

  1. acermill says:

    There is no way to tell how long will be the wait, since that depends on many factors, including how many will leave the system in the coming years. However, most cities which have wait lists are averaging five years of wait time before a voucher becomes available.

  2. BullRoos says:

    Sorry but where I am it varies wildly from county to county though generally the more people in an area the longer the wait. I’d expect at least a year (it could be less, but don’t plan on it) but it could easily run 5 or more. I have no idea how long it is in Richmond.

  3. Flower says:

    Good news that the Housing Authority put you on the list. It will be at least 5 years. You are lucky they even took your application.

  4. Landlord says:

    It is about 5 years, but things have been slow, it could be up to 7.

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