Accounting 11 Journal Entire Homework?

Cheri ohashi is in business as a commercial artist. the accounts for her business are as follows
bank, gst payable ,Car expense
a/r – various, gst recoverable ,utilities expense
art supplies ,pst payable, miscellaneous expense
equipment ,cheri ohashi, capital ,rent expense
automobile ,cheri ohashi drawings, telephone expense
a/p- various, fees revenue
A} journalize the following transaction in the two column general journal in ur workbook. Calculate and add the gst and pst on all sales transaction. the rate of GST is 7 per cent. the rate of pst is 8 per cent
3 sales invoice no.192, to mountain distribution, $175.00 plus taxes
4sales invoice No.316, to old fort trading Co, $300.00 plus taxes
4cheque copy No.316, to central garage for the cash payment for repairs to the business automobile, $115.00 plus gst of $8.05, total 123.05
6 cheque copy No.317, to twin city hydro for cash payment of the monthly hydro bill, $65.00 plus Gst of $4.55, total $69.55
10 purchase invoice from C.and C equipment, No.1401, for one large metal drawing table, $475.00 plus Gst of $33.25, total $508.25
10 cheque copy No.318, to dejavu art supply for the cash payment for artists supplies, $85.00 plus gst of $5.95, total $90.95
13 cheque copy No.319, to the owner for her personal use,$ 350.00
14 sales invoice No.194, to display design company,$255.00 plus taxes
14 cash receipt from victor schilling on account,$115.00
17 cheque No.320, to C. and C equipment, paying for the purchase made on march 10
19 sales invoice No.195, to scoville sales, $235.00 plus taxes
20 cheque copy No.321, to fleming properties for the office rent for the month, $375.00 plus gst of $26.25, total $401.25
23 purchase invoice From lougherys limited , No 634, for drafting and artist equipment, $215.00 plus gst of $15.05, total $230.05
25 cheque copy No 322, to twin city telephone, for cash payment of the monthly telephone bill,$28.50 plus gst of $2.00, total $30.50
27 purchase invoice from esso, for the gas and oil used in the business automobile, $71.40 plus gst of $5.00, total $ 76.40
31 cash receipt from old fort trading Co. on account, $300.00
B complete the gst/hst return for registrants that appears in ur workbook. Sales for the month totaled $965.00. ignore lines 110,111, 205, and 405 on the form

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