Accounting Homework Help Please?

Been working on this for a while and need some help here. Would be greatly appreciated. 10 points for more detailed response
May 31
Account Recievable- 69000
Building & Equipment 576150
Total Assets–690000
Liabilities / Stockholder Equity
Account Payable-82800
Note Payable- 15180
Capital Stock- 509220
Retired Earnings- 82800
Total Liability/Stockholder Equity –690000
The company is in the process of preparing a budget for June and has assembled the following data:
Sales are budgeted at $265,000 for June. Of these sales, $75,000 will be for cash; the remainder will be credit sales. One-half of a month’s credit sales are collected in the month the sales are made, and the remainder is collected the following month. All of the May 31 accounts receivable will be collected in June.
Schedule of Expected Cash Collection
Cash Sales-June = 75000 (got this)
Collection on accounts receivable
–May 31 Balance = 69000 (got this)
–June = ?
Total Cash Receipts = ?
Schedule of Expected Cash Disbursements
-May 31 accounts payable balance = ?
-June purchase = ?
Total Cash Payments = ?

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