Accounting Income Summary?

okay so my income summary isnt adding up to the right percentages and i know for a fact the numbers are correct:
sales: 1055477.85
sales discount: 10847.91
sales return + allow: 12918.58
purchases: 691942.77
purch. discount: 10949.03
purch return + allow: 20462.68
advertising expense: 11622.40
cash short + over expense: 3.92
credit card fee expense: 10616.77
depreciation office expense: 5610
depreciation store expense: 5118.25
insurance expense: 2108.28
misc expense: 5041.68
payroll tax expense: 19321.51
rent expense: 12000
salary expense: 191347.50
supplies office expense: 410
supplies store expense: 776.69
uncollectible account expense: 235.63
utilities expense: 9318.48
someone please help this is really frusturating me! :c

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One Response to “Accounting Income Summary?”

  1. J says:

    Without knowing what percentage you’re trying to calculate, here’s what I come up with:
    Net Sales of $1,031,711.36 (sales – sales discount – sales return & allow)
    Cost of Goods of $660,531.06 (purchases – purchase discount – purchase return & allow)
    Expenses is the sum of everything from advertising expense to utilities expense: $273,531.11
    net income is 97,649.19
    cost of goods as a % of NET SALES is 64%
    Operating Income as a % of NET SALES is 36%
    Expenses as a % of NET SALES is 27%
    Net Income as a % of NET SALES is 9% (also known as profit margin; notice the percentages of expenses & net income add up to operating income % of net sales)

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