Accounting ( Please Help)?

Please help record trnasactions and in general journal and post.
1) Issued 10,000 shares of $50 par common stock for 520,000 cash
2)Purchased land for $100,000 cash as long -term speculative investment for its appreciation potential
3)Borrowed $200,000 by issuinga one-year notes payable 8% annual interest
4)Collected $490,000 cash on Accounts Receivable balances for sales in the prior year; 500,000 of sales were originally recorded for $490,000 on the net method.(i.e: after reflecting a 2% discount for the payment within ten days.
5)purchased on account 900,000 Merchandise Inventory to be held for the resale. All purchases are recorded net of the 2% discount offered by the vendor. Any discounts not eventually taken by the firm are recognized as interest expense.
6)Paid $900 cash freight-in on the purchases made in transaction 5.
7)Sold $700,000 merchandise Inventory on account. All purchases are recorded net of the 2% discount offered by the company.( Any discount not eventually taken ny the purchaser are recognized as interest income.
8)Paid $1,240 freight-out on the sales recorded in Transaction 7.
9)Goochlanf Company’s accountant discoverd that a sale on account on December 30, 2009 for 400,000( gross amount) was mistakenly recorded in the general journal for a net price for 494,000
10)Purchased office supplies for $122,000 cash
11)Paid the balance due on the merchandise Inventory purchase in Transaction 5 within the discount period.
12)Collected the correct balance due from December 30,2009 ,sale of merchandise Inventory mentioned in Transaction 9, net of the discount.
13)Received an $840,000 retainer payment for services to be performed evenly over the next 24 months for Ace company
14)Collected the balance due from the sale of merchandise Inventory in in Transaction 7, net of the discount
15) Sold merchandise inventory fr 423,000 cash.

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