Accounting Porblem Pls Help?

 On December 3, Cisco Company sold to Panasonic Company merchandise having a sale price of $8,500 with term of 4/10, n/90, F.O.B shipping point.
 On December 8 an invoice totaling $250, terms n/30, was received by Panasonic from FedEx Transport Service for the freight cost.
 On December 12, Cisco received a check for the balance due from Panasonic Company.
 Prepare journal entries on Cisco Company books to record all the events noted above under each of the following bases:
a) Sales and receivables are entered at gross selling price.
b) Sales and receivables are entered at net of cash discounts.
 Prepare the journal entry under basis 2, assuming that Panasonic Company did not remit payment until January 29

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