Accounting Special Order! Help?

At the end of the year, X Company had sold 61,700 units of its regular product for $869,970. A company offered to buy 4,290 units for $11.82 each. There was enough capacity to produce these additional units. The following cost functions apply to X Company’s regular operations:
Cost of goods sold: $6.88X + $138,208
Selling and administrative expenses: $1.03X + $86,380
where X is the number of units produced and sold. Also, because the special order product is slightly different than the regular product, direct material cost per unit will be $0.57 less than the regular direct material cost per unit.
1.)Profit on the special order is:
2.)Assume that regular variable selling and administrative expenses include sales commissions of 4% of dollar sales, and there will be no sales commissions on the special order. As a result, variable selling and administrative expenses per unit for the special order will be:
3.)Assume that if X Company accepts the special order, it will lose 1,150 regular sales units. The effect of losing these sales will be to decrease profit by:

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