Accused Of This At Work When I Took A Few Days Off?

I was off work for 2 days due to ill health. I was vomiting, had fever and chills, i then started having problems breathing. I phoned in sick and went to the doctors. The next day i took off as i was vomiting throughout.
When i went back to work my manager accused me of skipping work to go to the boxing day sales and also accused me of drinking and that maybe i wasnt ill but i just had a hangover.
I dont know about you but i feel that is bang out of order. I had my meds with me, i was suffering real badly, i couldnt even move off my sofa it was that bad initially. I had to go to the doctors because i wasnt breathing properly. I hadnt touched a drop of alcohol, the last time i drank alcohol was 8 months ago.
I was also laughed at as if i was lying about this when i explained.This has happened before. i have a compromised immune system meaning i get problems like this and when i get hit, i get hit hard. What i have will eventually kill me so i dont see the funny side.
Looking for advice, thank you.

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4 Responses to “Accused Of This At Work When I Took A Few Days Off?”

  1. St N says:

    Get a certificate from the doctor showing that you were under his treatment for however s/he wants to describe and that you are now fit to return to work. File this with HR and if your manager continues to hassle you about it, tell him/er to check out your file at HR. Be sure to keep a copy of the certificate for your own records.
    You need to establish the legitimacy of your claim in the event of future repetitions. Since the doctor’s certificate may have to be paid by you, keep the receipt so you can reclaim the expense on your income tax.

  2. Mike says:

    Yous should have got a doctor note. That way the boss cant say anything

  3. Richard says:

    Do you you have a Union rep matey if so have a word with him/her, also go to your local Citizen Advice Bureau and seek advice from them.
    You shouldnt have to deal with this **** matey.

  4. Hostess with the Mostess says:

    show him the doctor’s note and report the manager.

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