Acer Or Samsung Gaming Monitor?

I’m looking to buy a PC Monitor for my new PC i play games such as Arma 2, Wow, Guild Wars etc and want a crisper screen, though i have these two monitors here which one should I go for?

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2 Responses to “Acer Or Samsung Gaming Monitor?”

  1. j s says:

    a crisper screen? well then what you want is a higher resolution then 1080p, something like 1200p, 1440p or perhaps even 1600p. However thats gonna be a lot more expensive in general.
    For the normal 1080p screens around that price its just to get whatever looks good, there arnt that big a difference on most of those screen to care about really.

  2. CompTia A says:

    Samsung makes better quality screen (the black level and color). The only thing I hate about Acer is the start up logo. It appear for 3 secs when turning on the screen. My Acer monitor lasted me 4 years b4 the capacitor inside started leaking.

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