Adopting Two Rabbits?

I am thinking of getting my two new rabbits from the RSPCA but I don’t know if they would approve of the hutch I want to buy. Is it big enough is it tall enough. The rabbits would spend most the day in the hutch but I would supervise them for like 4-6 hours outside so do u think the RSPCA would approve this hutch. If its two small I could always add a run

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3 Responses to “Adopting Two Rabbits?”

  1. ♥мϵɢ♥ says:

    No, I wouldn’t worry about it, the link you posted shows two rabbits in the hutch. I’m sure they’ll approve of it and you’ll have your new rabbits in no time!
    I hope that helped you a little 🙂

  2. Jessica says:

    It’s too small for two rabbits. But as long as you attach a run and let them out to run around, I’m sure they’ll approve it.

  3. youdonth says:

    I own two rabbits, if their young, they will fight. It’s called their teenage years. If I were you I would put them in separate cages. But let them have some sort of interaction when playing. My rabbits were 2 months old when I got them ( both males), and they were the best of friends! They would lay next to each other, play together, and eat together. But ever since my rabbits would start humping each other( to show dominance) they would have rough fights. To the point where fur would fly everywhere, and one of my rabbit had a big scratch on its head. Since then we have kept them in seperate cages… It’s been 11 months now and they do run into each other by accident and they chase each other. I was planning to get them neutered but, they don’t offer that for rabbits where I live. But make sure to put them in seperate cages!!!

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