Adults; Are There Places Where You Can Stay Until You Get A Job And Then Apartment?

I know this is probably in the wrong category, but I don’t know what category it belongs in so i’m just curious if any adults/ ‘older’ people will know about this? We live in Arizona if that matters.
I’m 17 btw. My boyfriend is 19. We live an hour apart, see each other a few times a month. Been together for 2 1/2 years.
He’s having trouble with his parents. They literally tell him they hate him, they tell him to leave, etc. He has no where to go. My parents will absolutely refuse to let him stay here for a lil until he gets on his feet. They’ve let him stay the night twice, but they will not allow him to live here.
He has a job where he lives. He’s had this same job for 3 years. He is currently finished up school and then planning to go to college.
I’m just curious if there are any places that will allow him to stay free of charge or little to no charge while he goes out and gets a job and eventually gets an apartment. I want to help him out, cause I care about him, but my parents will not allow him to live here since I am only 17.

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  1. Topaz says:

    He needs to get the the welfare department at social services so they can get him a section 8 voucher so he can rent an apartment with the job money he has. The entire check won’t go for rent, section 8 gives you about 80% or more to pay for the apartment and you pay the rest. So if the rent is $500, he pays about $230.00.

  2. Courage says:

    Like I said in your other question, as a parent I would try to help him find a room-mate, figure out how to transfer his job, possibly find someone through my church, family, or even a friend who would be willing to help him live there for a short period of time. I mean, I know several elderly couples where I live who would love a young man willing to do yardwork and carry things for them for little to no rent while he gets a job. Since he’s had a job for 3 years, does he have any savings? That will help as well.
    I can’t think of any half-way houses, though we do have a homeless shelter where I live where he’d be able to sleep at night and look for jobs in the daytime (and as a parent I’d be willing to let his boxes stay even if he can’t stay.)
    But if I could vouch for his behavior and knew him well enough to vouch for him, then I would be able to find him a place to live with family, friends, church members, someone who needs a young man willing to help around a house and work hard for them, etc. Many of them would agree to it simply because they would also agree that it’s inappropriate for him to live with his girlfriend, so it’s putting their money where their mouth is too, if you say that then you should be willing to help give shelter so that they’re not in that sort of a situation. And that’s how I’d approach it with your parents. “Okay, I know you won’t let him live here, but can you help me find someone who he could live with, family or someone who agrees with you that he shouldn’t live here, until he can find a job?” When my now-husband lived thousands of miles away and we saw one another about 2 times a year I had people say they would give him free room/board when he visited so that he wasn’t in a situation where he had to stay with me, so I KNOW that there are people willing to help like that.

  3. bubs says:

    barring a homeless shelter then no there’s nowhere he can stay for free, and most shelters like that only let you stay a couple of days, he’d be best off with a refuge, he’d still need to pay money but the prices are usually reasonable.

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