Advantages of Satellite TV

You may have heard of the advantages that satellite TV has to offer over analog and even cable television. Analog television vs. satellite TV is hardly a comparison, since even the major television networks have chosen a digital transmission over analog technology and will cease their standard transmission in 2009.

You may think that the primary advantage of satellite TV over cable lies in the number of channels available through multiple comsat satellite transmissions. That is one advantage, though to be fair, you cannot completely discount the variety of channels that cable television offers. Some cable networks now offer hundreds of digital channels as well as interactive services. Therefore, what other advantages does satellite TV have over cable?

The most significant factor may very well be the price. Satellite providers do not have to pay taxes as levied by the local government, unlike cable companies. Furthermore, these providers offer smaller infrastructures. Therefore, you would pay less for satellite TV. Some quotes for satellite TV are much lower then cable for basic service. Cable TV may offer a comparable minimum, however it will be with fewer channels overall. Cable companies are also in the process of converting their technology to digital technology-the same as the networks are still doing. Satellite TV is ready to go (DirectTV is 100% digital) and will not burden you with these extra expenses.

When it comes to equipment, cable might have an advantage, particularly if you live in an apartment complex. Satellite TV does require an unobstructed view of the southern sky. This could be a disadvantage for customers who rent their homes, because either the leasing company will want a deposit for satellite installation or will only offer the option of cable. Satellite has the edge when it comes to availability, since cable only reaches as far as the infrastructure is built; in contrast, satellite TV can cover the entire southern sky.

More advantages of satellite TV lie in HDTV and DVR systems. HDTV is also known as high definition and allows a much larger resolution for viewing, as well as enhanced surround sound. At a resolution of 1280×1080 content is 2-5 times sharper on television sets. If you have a quality digital television set this will replace your need for an HD player or PlayStation 3 as you can watch classic movies and new releases on satellite TV. The DVR system is a means of digitally recording and playing back network programming. You can program your system to record all of your favorite dramas and sitcoms without having to configure a timer. Even if you’re trying to follow a rapidly changing fall schedule on network TV you can still count on a DVR recorder. A DVR system also allows you to rewind live TV to catch another take of a great moment. While it is true that cable TV may offer DVR options, they are usually higher priced. Satellite TV also offers some upfront purchases of DVR players, which could be less expensive than paying by the month.

When it comes to satellite TV, the advantage is that this technology offers more options than cable and for far less money.

Source by Whitney Alen

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