Advertising Class Practice Test?

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) Which of the following is a basic role of advertising? 1) A ) entertainment B) competition C ) public relations D ) two-way communication E) identification 2) ________ refers to all forms of communication about a brand that appear in a variety of media. 2) A ) Brand differentiation B) Integrated marketing communication C ) Brand identity D ) Marketing network E) Marketing communication 3) In which scenario is advertising most likely to flourish in a society? 3) A ) when public speech is tightly controlled by the government B) when there is little price competition C ) when demand exceeds supply D ) when supply is greater than demand E) when consumers do not have disposable income 4) How many times did the “1984” commercial for Apple’s Macintosh computer run? 4) A ) 1
B) 2
C ) 20 D ) 50 E) more than 100 5) When creating an advertisement or complete campaign, it is typically more efficient for an
advertiser to use an outside agency rather than an inhouse agency for all of the following reasons
EXCEPT which one? 5) A ) Agencies have workforce talent. B) Agencies typically have fewer restrictions on getting ideas approved. C ) Agencies have creative expertise. D ) Agencies have media knowledge. E) Agencies have the ability to negotiate good deals for clients. 6) Which of the following is considered a societal role of advertising? 6) A ) makes consumers focus on nonprice benefits B) reaches a mass audience C ) creates a more rational economy D ) serves an educational function E) all of the above 17) In an advertising agency, who is usually responsible for interpreting the client’s marketing research
and strategy for the rest of the agency? 7) A ) the account executive B) the account planner C ) the human resources department D ) the copywriter E) the traffic department 8) ________ results when an external message drives people to feel a need or want to buy a product. 8) A ) Mission marketing B) Demand creation C ) Social marketing D ) Direct marketing E) Cause marketing 9) ________ is advertising or other sales representations that praise the item to be sold with subjective
opinions, superlatives, or exaggerations, stating no specific facts. 9) A ) Deceptive advertising B) Puffery C ) Comparative advertising D ) Indirect advertising E) Manipulative advertising 10) Under U.S. law, businesses can seek damages from an advertiser who misrepresents the nature,
characteristics, qualities, or geographic origin of a product in ________. 10) A ) claim advertising B) comparative advertising C ) mission advertising D ) demand creation E) puffery 11) The main concern the FTC has when an advertiser substitutes for products during a demonstration
(such as using a mixture of glue and water instead of ice cream) is ________. 11) A ) whether the consumer knows substitutes are used in the demonstration B) whether the substitution is necessary C ) whether the demonstration uses puffery D ) whether the advertiser indicates that substitutes are used in the demonstration E) whether the demonstration falsely upgrades the consumers’ perception of the advertised
brand 12) Which of the following is NOT an element of the basic communication model? 12) A ) receiver B) message C ) channel D ) advertisement E) source 213) ________ is obtained in the basic communication model by monitoring the response of the receiver
to the message. 13) A ) Feedback B) Awareness C ) Acceptance D ) Persuasion E) Noise 14) Who determines the objectives for the advertising message? 14) A ) the audience B) the channel C ) the advertiser assisted by its agency and the media D ) the media E) the advertiser assisted by its agency 15) According to your text, good marketing communication is effective when it generates the
advertiser’s desired ________. 15) A ) market share B) response C ) efficiency D ) perception E) strategy 16) Which of the following lists the three key effects, or domains, used in Moriarty’s domains model? 16) A ) perception, learning, and persuasion B) thinking, feeling, and doing C ) perception, interest, and action D ) interest, desire, and action E) perception, emotion, and action 17) Using ________ marketing, advertisers ask consumers if it is okay to contact them. 17) A ) mass B) feedback C ) social D ) opinion E) permission 18) ________ are goals to be accomplished with a strategic plan. 18) A ) Tactics B) Needs C ) Motives D ) Objectives E) Strategies 19) ________ are concerned with how to accomplish objectives outlined in a strategic plan. 19) A ) Motives B) Needs C ) Strategies D ) Insights E) Tactics 20) ________ are the actions that make the strategic plan come to life. 20) A ) Objectives B) Motives C ) Tactics D ) Strategies E) Insight

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